Accounting services

Accounting services

Businesses need to enhance competitiveness, dynamism and close relationship with partners to create competitive advantage and better costs control.

We will provide valuable professional services to help customers achieve operational efficiency focused on the core business to increase productivity and minimize business costs.

We offer the following services:

Accounting services

Assisting account and control of accounting reporting process

Human resources and payroll

Invocing and payment tracking

Budget planning

Financial statements and management reports

Internal financial management

Convert financial statements from IFRS to VAS

Our consultants will plan, solve problems and be ready to help business managers change and find the optimal solution for the development of the business.


1.Declaration and colletion work

Declaring license tax.

Prepare tax reports and submit to the tax authorities monthly as prescribed.

Prepare tax reports and submit to tax authorities quarterly as prescribed.

Prepare annual corporate income tax finalization report.

Making annual personal income tax finalization report (PIT).

Make other related reports.

Inform the business of the tax amount payable when it arises.

2. Accounting work

Check the input and output documents for compliance with the provisions of law.

Classify and arrange accounting documents.

Perform accounting and bookkeeping of vouchers and transactions as prescribed.

Making and printing all kinds of accounting books as prescribed.

3. Tax consulting and explaning work

Consulting accounting, taxation and invoice documents for businesses in the content and scope of work performed.

Advise to work with tax authorities upon request.

Advice to work with audit firm.

Advise the explanation to the tax authorities within the scope of work performed.


Service fee is paid monthly / quarterly, depending on the number of documents generated, please contact us for detail.

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